Why should you invest in Malta?

Despite the size limitations, the Maltese islands boast a healthy and effective economy with potential for future growth. Since joining the EU in 2004, Malta was declared as a good performer by the EU and has respected the Maastricht criteria prior to adopting the Euro in January 2008.

Malta's key benefits to business:

Open market economy with free movement of capital and labour;

Member in the European Union

Malta is a signatory to a good number of international agreements, mainly in the economic and financial domains, not forgetting maritime and air transport and culture

The European Union is its leading trade partner, however, exports to United States (17%), Asia (32%) and North Africa are significant.

Product-driven environment;

Relative cost advantage;

Multi-lingual community - English and Italian spoken and written fluently; French, Spanish and German also spoken by a substantial number of people;

Strong IT workforce - Malta is the Regional Training Centre for Cisco, Microsoft and Oracle;

The legislative framework is in line with the main EU directives, being sufficiently flexible and versatile to relate to different legal systems;

Paramount anti-money laundering standards have nurtured financial services sector;

Excellent economic track record with sustained growth, economic and political stability;

Boasts an inflation rate and long-term interest rate lower than EU average;

A modern and competitive tax regime providing an excellent base for setting up tax efficient structures. The highest individual tax rate is of 35%;

Established banking and insurance facilities have led to a sharp growth in financial intermediary services;

High standard of living - good quality of life, low criminal rate, excellent health services and offers diverse entertainment and sport facilities;

Social capital is the prime resource in Malta, having a labour force availability of more than 6% of the Maltese population at graduate and post graduate levels;

Excellent country sovereign credit rating - ‘A' rating with a stable outlook by Standard and Poor - indicating a high to medium quality investment;

Foreign investment has enabled the island to modernise over the past decade. Malta is therefore ready and prepared for the competition.

Pharmacy, electronics, information technology, agric-foods, the environment or fine chemistry are a number of sectors rich with opportunities for investors.