Every public company must have at least two directors whereas every private company must have at least one director.
Every company must have a company secretary. No company may have:

a) as company secretary its sole director unless the company is a private exempt company.
b) as sole director of the company a body corporate, the sole director of which is company secretary to the company.

It shall be the duty of the directors of a company to take all reasonable steps to ensure that the company secretary is an individual who appears to them to have the requisite knowledge and experience to discharge the functions of company secretary. The law does not require that the company secretary be resident in Malta. The services of the company secretary are provided by our company.

Our services are carried out by the following entities:
Trustforte Fiduciary Ltd, is a company incorporated in Malta and authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority to act as: a professional Trustee in terms of the Trust and Trustees Act; an administrator of foundations in accordance with the Second Schedule to the Civil Code; and a service provider of other fiduciary services.

Core Audit & Assurance Ltd is a company incorporated in Malta and approved by the Accountancy Board under the provisions of the Accountancy Profession Act to provide accounting and audit services.