Our accounting team offers a bookkeeping and financial accounting service from the initial business bookkeeping right through to the preparation of financial statements and in co-ordination with an in house Auditor. This service is provided efficiently and cost effectively. Having considerable experience in the field, the team understands the client’s business and the necessary compliance and governance structures.

The recording of financial transactions is one of the first steps in the accounting process. Our team ensures that all transactions are reported accurately according to international bookkeeping standards. We ensure that all records are constantly updated and ledgers carefully maintained. Furthermore, accounting & internal control procedures enable clients to prepare adequate accounting information and safeguard the client’s operation or financial information.

Services offered

Consolidation of group structure and tax management
 Provision of accounting services
 Preparation of annual audit
 Payroll computations
 Preparation of VAT returns and other necessary returns
 Compiling of the necessary forms and in terms of Companies Act
 Preparation of feasibility studies and cash flow forecasts in order to assist the management of the company